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8' W x 12'L Rancher 'Garden kShed'

Installation & Quote details:

On-site installation by kSheds crew. Hand-graded, brand-new lumber & materials delivered on-site from lumber store. The structure is leveled with concrete blocks for the foundation (able to be built on most grades of slope). Structure, quality, longevity & exterior finishing is on par (or exceed) with local residential building code. Completely finished on the exterior, including; Color-match pre-painting before installation, double coat painting, caulking & sealing. Door & window locations are custom-to-spec (purchase cost, delivery & installation included). Job-site/yard clean-up after each day, and disposal of construction waste.




  • 8’ x 12’ (96 sq/ft) outside floor/structure perimeter dimensions.

  • 2” high foundation (Estimated) depending on the slope of grade. Extra ground prep/excavations available

  • 6” floor height


  • 8 x 12' total outside wall dimensions

  • 8' wall height

  • 9’6” interior vault height (from sub-floor to gable roof interior vault dimensions)

  • 8’6” total structure height (from grade to roof peak (estimated depending on grade)


  • (1x) 48” x 80” single door

  • (1x) 24” x 48” window


  •  4\12 roof pitch (18-degree slope)

  •  Gable (dual-slope/triangle) style roof

  • (2x length) 10’ x 1’ front & rear lengths soffit perimeter dimensions

  • (2x length) 10’ x 1’ both gable side widths soffit perimeter dimensions

  • (2x slope) 5’6" W x 14’6” L roof outside perimeter dimensions

  • 15” total side & rear roof overhang including roof-trim & shingle overhang


Materials & Design:

Foundation & Framing:

  • Concrete pier blocks (8"W x 8"L x 8"H) and/or paver stones (12"W x 12"L x 2"H) are installed on gravel and dug into grade to create a level surface

  • Weather-resistant, pressure-treated 2x6 floor joists spaced 16” on-center. Fastened with corrosion-resistant galvanized nails.

  • 3" rigid styrofoam floor-joist insulation optional (select the option as an extra on our 'Get a Quote Request' Form).

  • Doubled up perimeter edge beams with joist hanging hardware (acts as permanent support and extra floor weight load rating).

  • Structures over 8' in width get a mid-span floor beam installed perpendicular to joists for a solid, non-deflective, rigid, floor.

  • 3/4” T&G floor plywood, glued & screwed, staggered tight joints & seams. 

  • 2x4 wall & roof framing using 16" o/c spacing.

Siding & Exterior:

  • Completely finished exterior with finish-graded, highly durable & strong ⅝ ‘Ranchwall’ vertical groove plywood siding.

  • Before installation, siding panels are pre-primed, and edge & face painted on-site by us.

  • After installation, the siding is finished & sealed with vertical edge seam caulking & double-coat painting on the siding and trim after installation.

  • Grade A (Local Residential exterior style/quality) ‘Comb Face Real-Trim’ roof, and wall trim (full dimension & seamless).

  • Bottom of the siding, a drip-edge flashing is installed full-length around the perimeter to fully protect the floor from water and enhance longevity & durability 

  • Full-length window, door, wall, roof trim & siding; No seams or splices, straight lengths (material hand-picked & graded for straightness & quality)

  • Soffits (underside of roof overhang) fully finished in 3/8" plywood panels & pre-painted before installation. 2" vinyl perforated venting strip installed seamlessly into both the front & rear soffit lengths for ventilation & bug/rodent resistance.

Roof & Additional Features:

  • 1/2" standard fir plywood roof sheathing.

  • 60M roof felt underlay with a full double layer.

  • 25-year warrantied Asphalt shingles ‘to-code’ with doubler starter layer, 8-in. Stagger, roofing sealant &
    ridge cap. Color matching to existing structure shingle color available.

  • 32" x 32" window(s), residential exterior grade, vinyl, dual-pane, slider, screen & lock.

  • -4’ x 80” Custom-built ‘kShed Style’ single door. Installed ‘to-code’ (or on-par longevity,
    durability, water/rain, bugs, air tightness, sealed & security) materials, installation methods &
    details on par or better than local residential quality & longevity standards.

  • The door Includes exterior-grade heavy-duty hinges (ball-bearing internally greased, no squeaks). #10gu x 3.5" heavy-duty hinge screws (heads painted black), security back-framing, interior vinyl sealing strips for door-frame perimeter, aluminum threshold,  door sweep for complete exterior sealing & protection from bugs, rodents, air & moisture.

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Structure Design

Built on 12" concrete paver stones & pier blocks.Concrete pad installations available upon request.

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