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Select your kShed & fill out our simple Form

Browse our Products Page and Portfolio to find your ideal design. Select the product to auto-fill the Form, then customize the size, style, features, and options. Include your basic contact info, then send us your quote request!


Our 'Get a Quote Request' Form works really well to get us all of the required information to quickly send you an accurate job quote (in some cases without an initial meeting). kSheds is also always available to contact via phone, text, and email. Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions or submit any custom job requests. After sending us your 'Get a Quote Request' Form, expect a response within 24 hours. 


Quote Includes:

-Contact info (full name, site-address, phone number and e-mail)

-Date quoted and on-site build times (number of full 8-10 hr days)

-Scope of work/job description.


We also include individual, fully broken-down descriptions of all aspects of the structure:


-Ground prep, foundation, floor, framing, siding, trim and soffit, roof (size, style & roofing material used), door (size, style, features), extra interior & features (finishing, insulation, floor skirting, windows, decks, additions & extensions).

-Types, sizes, and grades of material used

-Pictures from our portfolio are attached and used as the closest example related to your requested job.

-Table of detailed structure dimensions (floor perimeter sq/ft and L x W, interior wall heights, total interior height to ceiling, roof vault height, roof pitch, roof perimeter L x W, roof overhangs, total structure height from grade & door/window size)


kShed quotes can be printed, signed and formally agreed to

-Contract terms & conditions

-Payment terms (full price, down payment & final payment)

-Client/Contractor signature agreement box


On-site meetings at any time are available upon request and are highly encouraged. We are able to offer any and all information, including; ground prep, site access, shed functions, features, style, and size. We can offer design ideas, placement suggestions, and portfolio examples.


Scheduling for delivery and on-site building:

Never get delayed with our ‘No-permit required’ kSheds. We specialize in non-permanent, movable & transportable sheds/outdoor structures (commonly under 107Sq/Ft). Typical shed jobs usually take no longer than 2-3 days for smaller builds, & 4-7 days for larger builds. As mentioned before, kSheds typically only takes on one job at a time. We will not take any down payment until we are completely finished with our previous job. This means we are able to book jobs on EXTREMELY short notice, unlike most construction companies. We are known to be able to start on-site (in most cases), in as little as 1-4 days after the contract agreement. kSheds on-site build crew promises full-time, back-to-back, 8-10hr days until contract/job completion & final payment.


After the contract agreement, signing & down payment, kSheds will instantly (same-day) create a custom material list, and order ALL materials from the local lumber store for on-site delivery (Slegg, LumberWorld, etc.). Material/lumber usually only takes 2-4 days to be delivered from the lumber store. kSheds

site service.

Payment Terms:

All kSheds quotes include a full price, a down payment, and a final payment. There are no extra or hidden fees or costs.


The full price includes everything:

-Taxes (GST)

-Design and planning

-Material ordering and delivery

-On-site tool set-up

-Ground prep (removal of old structures, clearing of brush/debris, ground leveling, foundation placement and levelling)

-Material prep (organization and moving to site, grading quality, cutting to length and pre-painting)

-Installation (to contract 'scope of work' completion)

-Clean-up after each day (organization of material, sweeping, and site clean up

-Removal (after contract completion, kSheds will fully remove any and all construction-related materials


Down Payment:

kSheds wants you to get EXACTLY what you expected on purchasing. We understand sheds and out-buildings are important, long-lasting investments. We will only accept the quoted down payment and start a job if our customer is completely 100% sure on exactly what is being constructed and purchased. Our detailed quotes, related portfolio and on-site meetings help ensure our customers are completely satisfied

Upon agreement and acceptance of our proposal, we will require a down payment to start the job. We accept e-transfer, cheques & cash.

Final Payment:

After the agreed-upon contract is completed, we ask that the customer does the final walk-around inspection. Once the customer is fully satisfied, only then will we ask for the final payment in full after fully completed and inspected. kSheds contract terms and condition page states that kSheds will be paid in full (final payment) on the same day as contract completion, customer satisfaction, and yard clean-up/waste removal. Warranty is available on all kSheds products up to 10 years. We are more than happy to come back and adjust anything, finish touch up or do any minor fixes if needed.


Installation Procedures & Information:


General information:

Installation is a breeze with our extensive experience, pre-planning, and professional on-site lumber delivery. We come prepared with complete cut lists, plans, and material lists for your exact shed and assemble it on-site to ensure accuracy and efficiency. This ensures a quick build time, but also minimal impact on your property during construction. Most builds take just 2 to 5 days depending on the design, but we will not take final payment until you are completely satisfied with your product.

Utilizing one-load deliveries, pre-cut materials, efficient designs & proper tools, kSheds is able to promise on-schedule, on-budget completion. (Includes day-by-day extensive yard clean-up and waste removal).


Site prep, placement, and ground prep:

On the day of material delivery, we will call ahead to tell you the time of when the lumber truck arrives. We ask our customers to move any vehicle or obstruction to make way for the lumber/material lifts. kSheds crew will arrive on the same day as delivery to hand-load, & organize materials closer to the proposed site.


We require every customer to personally stake out the corner dimensions of the proposed structure location. kSheds is not liable for any placements or zoning of any type or size of the structure. We recommend not obstructing any neighbor's desirable views and leaving at least 16"-24" away from any fence or building. Custom, shorter roof overhangs & gutters are available upon request for close-quarters construction.


We will level out the ground with shovels as needed. Concrete paver stones (12"W x 12"L x 2"H) and/or concrete pier blocks (8"W x 8"L x 8"H) buried into the high side of the grade or stacked on the low side of the grade to create level amongst all four corners of the foundation. Center blocks installed mid-span (lengths over 8'). Center beam installed across mid-span of floor joists (2x6 laid on the flat 1-1/2") the floor frame as close to the grade, without burying it.

On-site organization:

All materials are cut and piece-by-piece assembled on-site. kSheds crew ensures tidy workspaces, and a respectful attitude about leaving the least amount of impact on the yard; Off-cut bins, tarps for saw-dust and painting, walking boards for wet grass, etc.

 All material is organized neatly and tucked away to the side until installation. The customer approves the proper spot for the material and workstation.

Tool set-up is very minimal and simple. It consists of a pair of saw-horses, a foldable ladder, an air compressor, hoses, and air nailers, cordless tools and chargers, a small portable table saw, and a chop saw. kSheds crew is always mindful and respectful of noise within the neighborhood. Our compressor is small and quiet. Tools get wrapped up and put away at the end of each day.

Our cut list and design ensure efficient and fast installation methods while keeping that next-level quality. Most sheds take only between 2-4 full 8-10hr days! The design uses efficiently chosen lengths of material to drastically minimize off-cuts and waste.

One advantage of dealing with a small business for custom design is being involved every step of the way to ensure you (as the customer) are completely satisfied with all the design details.


Custom paint color matching (to the existing exterior color style) is available. Please supply an example, sample or paint code to help us match it. kSheds pre-paints and stains all material before and after installation (if requested in the quote).

Local building Codes

kSheds options are ‘built to code’ similar to residential housing detail, design, quality & exterior code standards.

Other kSheds available are designed to be used for basic storage sheds. The structure, exterior & roof of every kShed will always meet or exceed building code standards.

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